How Important Is A Business Website?

When you need to find directions to an out of town restaurant, where do you look for turn by turn directions? When you need someone to watch your pet for the weekend while you take a vacation, where do you look? Or when in need for a home improvement worker, where do you look to find local workers? For these questions, you more than likely do an Internet search, or more specifically Google. The days of flipping through The Yellow Pages are a thing of the past. Throughout a day, how many...

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Target Market Importance

Remember in gym class when the teachers chose to play dodge ball as the activity of the day? At least twenty rubber balls would be flung across the gym but you were unable to capture and stop all of them. You were only able to catch the flying balls coming in your direction, rather than the rubber balls on the other side of the room. Flying dodge balls is much like creating a target market. As a dodge ball player, you could only grasp the balls in your direction, just like how...

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What is Product Placement?

While watching a prime-time television show, have you ever noticed the character drinking from a Coca Cola bottle? That was not done by mistake. Advertisements are seen constantly and engulf the consumer. Placing specific name brand items in popular shows is another form of advertising, called product placement. Product placement is a practice of paying for precise placement of a product in movies or television to gain exposure. Also, product placement is a hybrid of advertising and publicity for a given organization. Companies now rely on the practice of embedding their products...

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Consumers In Charge

When looking for a certain product or looking for a new place to grab lunch, what do you base your decisions on? Do you just wing it and buy the first choice that pops up? Do you base your selection off the price and go with the cheapest option? Do you research and read multiple reviews? Today, more consumers are basing their purchases off others feedback and reviews of products and services. Consumers are talking and the entire market is listening. Catskill Marketing allows for positive reviews to be broadcast and attract...

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Marketing VS. Advertising

While scrolling through Facebook feed, do you pay attention to business sponsored ads? Would you categorize those posts as a form of advertising or marketing? Often, people interchange the terms marketing and advertising, but the terms are not synonymous. Catskill Marketing’s team is capable of broadcasting organizations with both techniques in mind. Marketing is the business of promoting and selling given products and services. Marketing is also designed to touch prospective consumers or current consumers. Also, marketing would be considered the ‘big picture’ capturing the ideas of an entire company’s campaign. Customer...

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